Saturday, August 05, 2006

! FINE !

(as it says on the last page of Francesca's notebook).

We had a great time in the field in spite of a couple of very wet storms (one after the other!). We all agree there are fascinating fault rocks at Pasagshak Point and there is too much to do in a short field season. I hope everyone will think about posting comments and questions here as we begin the next phase of these projects. Thanks to Asuka, Akito, Casey, and Francesca for your excellent insights and good times in the field. I hope we have a long collaboration together and many new ideas.

Thanks, Christie


Blogger Asuka said...

Thank you Christie for invite me to the forum.  I safely returned to home and now enjoying Japan!  I’ll start to cut the rocks in the next week.  Let’s continue to discuss many things.
And also, thank you Casey, Christie, Francesca, and Akito for everything in Kodiak.  I’ll never forget the wet and windy days and the taste of salmonberry!


2:21 AM  
Blogger Francesca said...

I join you guys in these thanksgiving postings and THANK all of you for making this campaign the best of my life, ever. I loved the exciting discussions in the field and at dinner tikme, both on camp or at the restaurant. I think each of us has so much to learn from each other member of the group and together we may finally be able to give a name to this weird rocks!
Hope tpo see you again at AGU, spo that we can plan a meeting together.
Asuka, thanks for japanese food, for the tea pot, and don't forget to send me all your pictures (beaver, fox, buffalos...)!!!

10:16 AM  

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